Hong Sang Soo And Kim Min Hee Snatch Media Attention As They Are Caught Wearing Matching Rings

They’re widely known as the “affair couple”.

Actress Kim Min Hee, 37, and director Hang Sang Soo, 59, who are widely known as the “affair couple” have begun attracting attention once again.

Kim Min Hee | Source: wowkorea.jp

The couple made an appearance at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival Competition, at which he premiered his new film The Woman Who Ran. Several Korean media outlets did not miss the matching rings shining on their fingers. The couple wore simple, slender rings on their right ring fingers.

Hong Sang Soo | Source: wowkorea.jp

Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo have been unafraid to flaunt their relationship despite the fact that the director is not divorced from his wife, leading to their nickname the “affair couple”.

Source: wowkorea.jp