Hong Sua decorates the front page of French daily newspaper “La Provence”

Actress Hong Sua and the crews of Family On The Go have decorated the cover of a French daily newspaper, La Provence.

Hong Sua and the crew members of her current Chinese drama, Family On The Go, have been featured on the front of page of La Provence. They have been staying in the French city Marseilles for a while now with the filming of the drama.

La Provence introduces and interviews the members of the drama, including, Hong Sua, for selecting Marseilles out of all the scenic cities in Europe. They claim that this drama has attracted around 145 million Chinese tourists in the area.

Meanwhile, Hong Sua plays the role of a beautiful Korean girl Min Hyo Jin studying law abroad in France as well as the first love of the lead male role in the drama. The actress is to comeback to Korea in order to decide on her next upcoming project.

Hong Sua on the front page of "La Provence"
Hong Sua on the front page of “La Provence”












Source: Xports News