Hong Suk Chun Gets Robbed On The Streets Of Thailand

Hong Suk Cheon gets robbed in Thailand. Here’s what happened.

Hong Suk Cheon got robbed on the streets of Thailand!


Hong Suk Cheon, Shinhwa’s Minwoo and actor Yeo Jin Goo flew to Thailand for their new variety show called Will They Succeed in Thailand?

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The new program is a variation of tvN’s Youn’s Kitchen.


The program shows Hong Suk Chun, who is famous for his Thai restaurants in Korea, and the other members challenging themselves to run a Thai food truck in Thailand.

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The robbery occurred in front of the Monkey Temple in Lopburi Province, Thailand, their third destination. The Monkey Temple is famous for being the home to about 2,000 monkeys.


As the members were enjoying the scenery, the monkeys began coming up to them in search of food, especially Jin Goo’s drink.


Soon, a whole crowd of monkeys gathered in front of the three members.


The first “crime” occurred when Jin Goo lost his drink to a stealthy monkey.


And then it happened! A monkey sneakily got into Hong Suk Chun’s pocket while they were busy taking a photo…


And the monkey stole his cell phone and credit card! The monkey clearly knew what he was doing.


The monkey then sped away leaving Hong Suk Chun in panic since the monkey took most of his livelihood!


Hong Suk Chun definitely had a night to remember in Thailand!

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