(★TRENDING) Host Under Fire For Calling TWICE Up To Perform Using Sexual Lingo

He told the audience to chant an inappropriate word over and over again.

TWICE recently performed at an event held at Sungkyunkwan University, where the girls left the stage after they finished performing 3 songs.

The girls finished performing “What Is Love?”, “Heartshaker”, and “LIKEY”.


As soon as the girls left the stage, the audience began chanting “encore!”, hoping that TWICE will return to sing another song.


But all of a sudden, the event’s host, Lee Jung Pyo, told the audience to chant “service” instead. He said, “TWICE doesn’t come back on stage when you chant ‘encore’. You need to chant ‘service!’

Lee Jung Pyo is an announcer that was hired to host the night’s event.


He continuously encouraged the audience to switch their encore chants to “Service!”, where they began chanting the word for over a minute.

“Our TWICE doesn’t come back on stage when you chant ‘encore’. You need to chant ‘service!’ Service! Louder! Why are your voices getting weaker? One more time, one, two, three, four. Service! Service!” — Lee Jung Pyo


Lee Jung Pyo was highly criticized for his choice of word, as “service” could have a sexual connotation derived from lingo used at “room salons”.

Room salons are host bars where people go to be entertained by women dressed in sexy clothing. The word “service” is used as a sexual lingo, often referring to extra activities the women would perform for customers.


Aside from the sexual use of the word, “service” also belittles the group. It suggests the member have to serve the audience. The Korean dictionary defines “service” as “to personally help or to do a superior’s bidding. ‘Serve’ or ‘treat’.

“It’s still controversial even if it wasn’t used in a sexual way. It’s basically telling them to go entertain the waiting audience like servants. Why is JYP not saying anything? Whether it was used sexually or not, both meanings are insulting to TWICE.” — @RMQTLREKS


It was more controversial because the host didn’t ask the audience to chant “Service” to other performers. He only said it to TWICE.

“So why did you only tell TWICE to fan-service. Why didn’t you tell Hong Jin Young and Swings to fan-service?? And I still don’t understand why you said ‘TWICE doesn’t come back on stage when you chant ‘encore’. You need to chant ‘service!’ Why doesn’t TWICE come up on stage when you say encore? Why?” — @The_story_1020


Lee Jung Pyo’s choice of word quickly spread as netizens began criticizing him, demanding that he apologize.

“I mean wtf are you at a room salon? Why are you only teling TWICE to give service and sh*t.” — @twice1O2O

“Telling people to shout service instead of encore during the Sungkyunkwan University event was clearly sexual harassment. But male students began laughing as they chanted together… If I had a time machine I would go back to that place, throw fuel on them and set them on fire. Of course, I would f*cking kill the host who encouraged all of this.” — @un3i

“I watched the “Infinity War” but the issue with TWICE and shouting encore is more traumatic. They’re a group that worked so hard to debut and even achieved the most difficult success in a neighboring country, but you f*cking tell them to perform service rather than an encore. I wish all you f*ckers who chanted that die from service. You should never recycle human trash.” — @lessislessxx

“The more I think of it the angrier I get ;;; How does the host even think of female idols? ‘TWICE doesn’t come back on stage when you chant ‘encore’. You need to chant ‘service!’ sh*t” — @september_Iny

“Is that anything to say to a singer performing at a university event? Please fix the habits you got from visiting room salons;;; You look cheap;;;;;” — @Sungmin_Cho_


After hearing the netizens’ rage, Lee Jung Pyo made an official apology, where he apologized to the students, TWICE, and their fans. He stated that he regretted his actions and will do his best to be more careful in the future.

“Hello this is the event host from Sungkyunkwan University, Lee Jung Pyo.

I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who came to the event, all of the students who worked hard to put on the event, the TWICE members, and the fans.

It was such an honor for me to introduce TWICE to the Sungkyunkwan University’s event on the 11th. When I arrived 2 hours before the event started, so many people had already gathered to cheer on TWICE, who would be performing in 5 hours. They must’ve been so excited for the performance, I felt the passion as well.

That’s why I wanted to do everything I can do make this memory a special night to remember.

I too used to wait hours to see my favorite artists at university events, so I wanted to do my best.

After seeing everyone so excited during TWICE’s stage, I thought it would be great for the invited artist to sing one more song. As soon as their last song ended, many people began shouting encore.

Thinking of how stars give fan-service to their fans, I encouraged everyone to chant service instead of encore. I didn’t think my actions could be seen in a different light than I had intended. I continually grow apologetic because I hurt a lot of people’s feelings because of my actions, and I know I would never be able to console everyone’s heart to the fullest. I was lacking and immature. I sincerely apologize to everyone.

I am so sorry for causing emotional pain to the students and fans through my mistake. I was very lacking with my choice of words as a host.

With this, I bow my head and apologize to the audience, students, TWICE fans, and everyone who was hurt from the event. I’m sorry. I will be more careful in the future.” — Lee Jung Pyo

Source: MBN and Moaboza