“Hot Ahjussi” Actor Jung Sung Il Reveals The Character In “The Glory” He Actually Wanted To Play

Can you imagine him in that role?

Although it has been a while since part two of Netflix’s The Glory was released, the popular K-Drama continues to be a topic of conversation all across the globe.

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Actor Jung Sung Il, who played the villain Park Yeon Jin’s husband, caught the attention of netizens for his “hot ahjussi syndrome” and for being the “new daddy in town.” His role, Ha Do Young, is a serious and stern man who is gentle but carries just the right amount of condescending confidence of having wealth and power.

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People were surprised to find out that before he played the serious character in The Glory, he sang and danced in musicals and plays. In a recent interview with JTBC News, Jung Sung Il shared more about himself, such as the fact that he is extroverted, comedic, and a huge baseball fan.

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When asked what roles he would like to try in future productions, he said he wanted to play a laid-back, “loose” character.

I played these characters a lot in plays. I like playing fun and laid-back characters, but because in the media, people only see me in cynical roles wearing suits, so I want to play a character with a different appearance.

He then stated that the role he initially wanted to play in The Glory was Jeon Jae Jun, played by actor Park Sung Hoon.

I like gangster roles like Jeon Jae Jun, too. To be honest, I wanted to play Jeon Jae Jun. When I read the script, I wanted to play a raw character like Jeon Jae Jun and I thought it’d be fun.

Jung Sung Il as Ha Do Young (left) and actor Park Sung Hoon as Jeon Jae Joon (right) | Netflix

Seeing Jung Sung Il playing the short-tempered and spoiled villain Jeon Jae Jun would be a new experience. We can’t help but wonder how the show’s dynamics would change if he played this role—and what if Park Sung Hoon played the role of Ha Do Young?

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Source: JTBC News

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