H.O.T Kangta’s Celebrity Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Cheating On Her By Revealing The Full Story On Instagram

Kangta, the ex-girlfriend, and another ex-girlfriend all responded.

H.O.T‘s Kangta was recently caught in two dating rumors yesterday when reporters claimed he had been dating actress Jung Yoo Mi for the past two years. But Woo Joo Ahn, a racing model, accidentally leaked a video of herself on a date with Kangta. She explained that they had briefly broken up but are back together again.

Left to right: Jung Yoo Mi, Kangta, Woo Joo Ahn


However, SM Entertainment denied both of these dating rumors. Kangta then went on to personally explained that he had recently rekindled his relationship with Woo Joo Ahn but ultimately decided to break up again.

This is Kangta.

I’m sorry that I caused a disturbance to everyone due to my personal affairs. After breaking up last year, I met with Woo Joo Ahn again near the end of July a couple of days ago. As we were contacting each other, a very flustering event occurred where she accidentally uploaded a video of us together on her personal social media account. The video was taken last year before we broke up.

Woo Joo Ahn uploaded her statement last night after sharing it with me first.

But we ultimately decided to end things as they are now.

As we’ve ended our relationship, I do not want to hurt Woo Joo Ahn anymore, and I want to apologize once again to everyone for causing a disturbance with my personal affairs.

— Kangta


The story appeared to end there but announcer Oh Jung Yeon made a shocking post on Instagram about Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn. Her post appeared to accuse Kangta of cheating on her with Woo Joo Ahn two years ago. She claims that Kangta felt no remorse for hurting her and continued to promote without any repercussion.

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반 년 가량 진지한 만남을 이어가며 하루가 멀다하고 만나온 연인이 다른 여자와 한 침대에서 발견되면? 충격일 수밖에 없다. ⠀ 일찍 자겠다더니 몰래 여자와 시간을 보내고 있던 그 사람이 오히려 당당하게 나왔다면? 충격은 배가된다. ⠀ 더구나 그 연인이 내가 어릴적부터 우상으로 생각해왔던 사람이라면? 내가 보고, 듣고, 믿어왔던 세상의 모든 것이 다 거짓으로 느껴지게 될 정도의 어마어마한 파장이 일어난다. ⠀ 이 일은 2년 전 내가 직접 겪은 일이고, 나는 그 이후 크나큰 상처를 받아 참 오래도록 아주 힘들었다. ⠀ 어렵게 극복해 행복하게 잘 살고 있는데, 어제오늘 실검에 떠있는 두 당사자들의 이름을 보니 다시 그 악몽이 선명하게 떠오른다. ⠀ 남의 눈에 피눈물 나게 하고도 뻔뻔한 사람은 벌을 받아야 마땅하겠지만, 또 아무일 없다는 듯이 잘 수습해서 활동하고 살아가겠지… 최소한의 도리가 살아숨쉬는 세상이 되길 바라는 건 진정 헛일일까…?

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What happens when your boyfriend, who you’ve been dating seriously for 6 months and have been desperately waiting to meet again, was found in bed with another woman? It’s absolutely traumatizing.

What if he told you that he was going to sleep early but was secretly spending time with another woman, and he had no sense of remorse? That trauma multiplies.

What if that boyfriend was someone who you’ve thought of as an idol ever since you were young? You’re hurt in an incredible way where everything you’ve seen, heard and believed in the world feels like a lie.

This was something I personally experienced 2 years ago. I was hurt so much that I suffered greatly for a very long time.

I worked so hard to recover and am now finally able to live happily, but I’m clearly reminded of the nightmare when I see those two names on the search engines.

It’s fitting for someone who made me cry blood yet felt no remorse to receive his rightful punishment, but he will probably take care of the situation as if nothing had happened and return to promoting again…

Is it too foolish of me to ask for a world with justice…?

— Oh Jung Yeon


After Oh Jung Yeon’s shocking confession turned the tables on Kangta and Woo Joo Ahn’s relationship, Woo Joo Ahn took to Instagram to tell her side of the story.

She explained that Oh Jung Yeon and Kangta had already broken up and she herself was hurt by her post. She emphasized that she is not a homewrecker and asked everyone to realize the misunderstanding.

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(해명이 된 상태이고 사생활적인 부분은 오정연님 보호와 더이상 서로가 오해가 없음에 삭제하도록 하겠습니다) . . 빠른 해명을 해야 오해가 없으실 것 같아서 저는 소속사가 없어서 기사 내줄분들이 없어서.. 인스타쪽으로만 해명글을 올리게 되어 송구합니다 어떤분께서 저를 타겟으로 지목한 부분과 자극적인 단어선택으로 저와 제 주변분들께 크게 상처를 주고 계시는걸 알아주셨음 합니다 . . 저는 안그래도 지금 미움과 질타를 많이 받아 괴롭습니다 지금까지 그분의 존재를 모르고 그날밤 그분이 누군지도 모르고 살았는데 이름과 얼굴을 아실 정도면 차라리 저에게 따로 연락을 취해 제가 모르는 진실이 있다면 따로 당시 알려 주시고 대화를 나눴다면 좋았을 것 같다고 생각합니다 저에게 근거없이 바람녀 프레임 씌우지 말아주세요 연인을 잃은 아픔은 누구나 존재하고 누구나 똑같이 특별히 지옥 같고 힘든일 일 것입니다 님께서 느끼는 감정을 저도 살면서 느껴보지 않은 것도 아닙니다 그 마음을 아신다면 제게 분노를 저에게 표출하지 말아주세요 화가 나시더라도 분명하게 그 분노는 저의 몫이 아닐테니까요.. 저도 그날 너무 무섭고 힘든 날이 었습니다 오해하지 말아주세요 간곡히 부탁드립니다

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I felt that I needed to respond quickly to avoid any misunderstanding. Since I don’t have an agency who can spread a press release for me.. I’m sorry that I have to explain it through Instagram. I hope that someone knows that she has hurt me and my peers greatly by choosing to target me and write a post using offensive words.

I know what day you are talking about.

That day, we were watching an animation film in the room when someone wearing a hat came in and asked who I was. She kept asking me how long I’ve been seeing him, so I told her that I’ve only been seeing him for a few weeks.

I was very shocked and scared at the time. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do. Much like how you’re looking at me now, I worried that I had broken up a precious relationship.

This happened around April, and you told me yourself that you guys had only seen each other until the year before. It seemed that you guys weren’t together anymore. But I still felt that you probably had something you needed to get off your chest, and something led you to come this far, so even though I was shocked and having a hard time, I left quietly to allow you two to talk it out. You guys talked after I left and I don’t know what you guys talked about since I wasn’t there.

It was a very traumatic day for me, so I clearly remember every part of our short conversation. I’m suffering from all the hate and attacks that I’m getting now.

I didn’t know who you were that day and even up until now. But did you have to suddenly write that and label me as a ‘home wrecker’.. Seeing as you probably knew who I was and what my name was, I think it would have been better for you to reach out to me first and tell me what was going on.

You had more than enough time to tell me what I did wrong and what I misunderstood. Please don’t label me as a home wrecker before finding out the truth.

Everyone experienced heartbreaks before by losing a lover. It probably feels like the same hell for everyone. I’ve also experienced the pain that you’re feeling before. If you know what I’m feeling right now, please don’t take your rage out on me. Even if you’re angry, I’m not the one you should be angry with.. I was also very scared and hurt by that day.

Please don’t misunderstand. I sincerely request it of you.

— Woo Joo Ahn


As the three parties appear to have different stories about their relationships, Oh Jung Yeon commented below her post that she “wrote only the facts as best as she could as a woman” and asked everyone to stop attacking her as she “no longer has anything to say.


Kangta and SM Entertainment remain silent about the new information from Oh Jung Yeon and Woo Joo Ahn. Kangta is a veteran idol who has been in the industry since 1999.


Oh Jung Yeon is an announcer who was formerly married to basketball player and TV personality, Seo Jang Hoon.


Woo Joo Ahn is a racing model who is active on social media as an influencer.

Source: Sedaily, My Daily (1) and (2) and isplus