“Hotel Del Luna” Cast Members Reveal Their Thoughts On What It Was Like Working With IU

All the cast members are so appreciative of one another!

The Hotel Del Luna cast shared how happy they were to work with IU!

On the October 10 episode of KBS Happy Together, the cast members of hit drama Hotel Del Luna appeared together, where they spoke about various things, including Block B‘s P.O and gugudan‘s Mina‘s first kiss scene together


One of the topics that was brought up was about having to act alongside an accomplished actress like IU. 

Actor Jung Dong Hwan, who’s acted alongside her before in You Are The Best, shared how he immediately accepted the offer without even reading the script, simply because it was IU who’d be starring alongside him. He further revealed that ever since their first filming, IU sent him gifts during the holidays as a nice gesture, and they’ve kept up their friendly relationship ever since.



Gugudan’s Mina revealed how she had always admired IU as a role model all throughout her aspirations of being an idol, and shared a particular moment that struck her with awe when she saw IU:



She read the script while sweeping her hair back. She was so pretty that I couldn’t help but keep staring at her.


P.O.’s moment however, rather than further instilling marvel at the wonder that is IU, brought laughter instead as he revealed that even though the two of them are the same age, he still speaks to IU formally! Their relationship onscreen was one of a CEO and a bellboy, and that has since become their relationship IRL as well.


Its good to know that the cast members treasure IU so much!