Hotel Del Luna Set Team Under Heavy Fire For Not Paying Employees For 8 Months

They also allegedly threatened their employees after they complained.

The set team for the brand new tvN drama Hotel Del Luna has found itself amidst heavy controversy after it was revealed they have been failing to pay their employees.

Two employees who also worked on the drama Boyfriend were not paid for their work on that set either and have appealed to the Ministry of Employment and Labour to try and get their wages paid. After the complaints were made, their employers threatened employees with even later payments. The same set team is also used for Arthdal Chronicles and Korean Odyssey so the production of those dramas has also been affected.

The name of the company is Human and they have reportedly failed to pay over $19,000 in salaries to their team despite some of them working 40 hour weeks. Former employee Kim repeated a petty threat that his company gave him after he made a formal complaint.

You reported us, didn’t you? Cancel it and we’ll pay you in March or April. But as you said you won’t cancel the report so we’ll pay you as late as we can. We’re sorry for the wages not being paid before but you’re so unwilling to be reasonable, we’ll be doing the same as well.

– Human

CJ E&M has denied any accountability for the actions of their subcontractor but many labour groups have said that this isn’t the case and they are also culpable for this controversy.