HOTSHOT Kid Monster’s past in krump crew Monster Woo Fam gains attention

Netizens have been paying more attention to rookie group HOTSHOT as Kid Monster‘s past position in renowned Korean dance crew Monster Woo Fam has come to light.

The teaser footage of Kid Monster showing off his dance moves for HOTSHOT’s debut has sparked interest amongst netizens, who have scoured the internet and found videos and montages of his previous position in Korean krump crew Monster Woo Fam. He has been in this crew for the last six years after joining in his 3rd year of middle school.

Monster Woo Fam consists of Monster Woo, Boram, Jin, Bucky, Lil Monster, Youngster, Baby Woo, 2Face, Giant, BoyxBuck, K-Angel, Sic, Lb, Jr. Woo, Trix, Kid Monster, Big J, Young Monster, and Rumbler. The crew was established in 2005, under the influence of Monster Woo, an ex-boxer who started krump in Korea back in 2005. As a crew, they have received many awards, such as 2008 New Skool Championship Seoul Winner, 2009 All Skool Competition Krumpside Winner, and 2010 Busan International Hip Hop Festival Winner. The crew has also worked with many different artists such as Dynamic Duo, Big Bang, and iKon’s Bobby.

HOTSHOT, consisting of members Junhyuk, Sungwoon, Yoonsan, Hojeong, Kid Monster, and Timoteo, has garnered much hype as their debut approached, with Kid Monster’s teaser and previous position in Monster Woo Fam ensuring them an already established fan base. The fact that the group has already been involved in previous hip hop groups and their strong composition abilities have also helped them to gain attention. Their debut song “Take A Shot” has lived up to fans’ high expectations.

Source: TV Report and Monster Woo Fam’s Facebook