HRVY Stood Up For NCT Dream Against Racist Trolls And NCTzens Are Here For It

He wouldn’t let them speak about NCT like that.

British singer HRVY shared a photo of himself with NCT Dream in order to promote their “Don’t Need Your Love” collaboration. Unfortunately, there were people (or trolls rather) that commented on the post with racist comments.


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don’t need your love 💔 DNYL … coming soon @nct_dream

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But, HRVY was quick to put an end to the negativity with a long, well-thought-out response. He began with sharing how he typically doesn’t reply to negative comments, but he couldn’t allow the racist ones aimed at NCT Dream.

Never really reply to hate comments or read them, but wow. Some of you guys are toxic…It disappoints me seeing the amount of racism in a comment section.

He shared how nice and talented NCT Dream was and how they didn’t deserve to be spoken about in such a manner and that everyone should know about them.

I just shared a moment online of me meeting some of the nicest people and getting to know a REALLY talented group. If you don’t know NCT Dream, get to know! They’re incredible.

Then, he ended the response on a positive note with his stance against racism and how everyone should be treated kindly.

I HATE racism, so please spread love always. You never know how far being kind really goes.

NCTzens were grateful that HRVY stood up for NCT Dream against the negativity and praised him for it.

HRVY even took his own advice and spread positivity through the incident with his thoughtful words. Read his full response here.