Huh Gak announces May concert with a musical twist

The singer Huh Gak is known for his gentle and yet powerful, high-note striking voice. Although having appeared on many shows in various occasions, he mentioned that he has not had much contact with his fans until now.

During his interview with Sports World news Huh Gak explained his opportunity for his new upcoming concert, “I really do believe it helped pushing towards it constantly to my agency.” Huh Gak joked comfortably, “I’d really love this opportunity to sync in with the fans. I will finalize my television programs and get the concert ready in full strength and let the fans enjoy it.

The concert will be taking place from May 1st through May 5th. In addition, unlike many other concerts that take place in bigger spaces like domes or outdoor venues, Huh Gak’s concert will be in a small theater. This will allow him to provide the fans with a great and unique experience as they watch him sing their favorite songs. Even the weather is perfect for the concert, as it will take place during the warm and pleasant early summer.

Huh Gak mentioned that the fans will be able to hear, “songs that a lot of the fans had a hard time hearing live. Other than hearing mainstream songs that are tweaked for an acoustic atmosphere, the fans will definitely enjoy the close distance between the stage and them despite not being able to have a full band on stage due to its size. I also believe the concert will be a blast!

Through many fans’ requests, Huh Gak decided to give a twist to his style of genre from slow and relaxing ballads to a faster medium tempo or a fast paced song. “We are currently working on these types of new genres for the fans in the upcoming album. I mainly base my singing in ballads which I excel most at, but, this time I will develop myself and challenge a new style of singing.

Huh Gak is planning to actively perform under the title April’s Snow during the month of April and continue its momentum into May with May’s Synchronization.

Source: Sports World