Huh Gak discusses his time spent as a father during his 17-month hiatus

Singer Huh Gak is back after 17 months of hiatus. On March 17th, the singer released his third mini-album Snow of April and held an interview to talk about his time off from the music industry as a father of one.

During the months of hiatus, he and his wife have gave birth to a son who looks just like them. Due to his lovely family, the singer was able to make a comfortable comeback to the industry.

Just recently, their son celebrated his first birthday on March 14th. Huh Gak mentioned, “It is very hectic these days. But, I have my wife and I have plans to give birth to three children of our own. We hope our second child does not have much age difference with our first one. I would love it if it was a daughter. Of course, I like sons too, but I envy parents with cute daughters.”

He added, “We don’t have a camera, but I am already filming ‘Superman is Back’ on my own. While my wife works, I focus on raising the kids. Although I am still a rookie father, I try my best.”

Just from the interivew, the singer is surely imersed in his life as a father as well. He also mentioned the time when he went to a baby fair event, “I took around 100 photos with moms who came to the event. Sometimes, those who notice me also give me presents. It’s fun saving money to buy baby supplies rather than to spend it on drinking.”

Meanwhile, the singer also added that he is a big fan of the KBS2 variety show Superman is Back. 

Source: TV Report