Husband Murders Wife On Honeymoon With Liquid Nicotine For Insurance Payout

“I didn’t murder her. I just helped her end her own life.”

The Sejong Police Department has arrested a 22-year-old man (Mr. A) on suspicion of the murder of his wife (Mrs. B) on their honeymoon.


Mr. A is suspected of injecting his 19-year-old wife with a lethal dose of nicotine solution in their honeymoon suite in Osaka, Japan.

A photo of their hotel room in Osaka, Japan.


Originally reported as a suicide to the local Japanese police, Mrs. B was buried in Japan and the case was closed.


However, the case was re-opened when Mr. A tried to claim a life insurance policy written for Mrs. B in the amount of 150 million KRW (approx. $141,000 USD).


With cooperation from Japanese police officials and Interpol, Korean police officials were able to retrieve the original case file for Mrs. B, and get a search warrant for Mr. A’s residence.


During the search, Mr. A’s personal diary was found with an entry that read “I want to kill my wife.”

The diary found in Mr. A’s residence.


This was not the first case for Mr. A. In the past, he tried to murder his former girlfriend, Ms. C by giving her a drink mixed with nicotine solution. However, Ms. C didn’t finish the concoction because it tasted strange.


Currently, Mr. A is denying all murder charges. He is claiming that he just helped his wife in a time of need.

Nicotine solution found in Mr. A’s residence.

“I didn’t murder her. I just helped her end her own life. My wife wanted to commit suicide, so I helped her by injecting her with nicotine.”

Source: Dispatch and Naver News