Koreans Are Shocked After Learning That “Gapyeong Valley Murderer” Lee Eun Hae And “Nth Room” Perpetrator Cho Joo Bin Communicated Through Letters In Prison

They are two of Korea’s most notorious criminals.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content, sexual assault, and violence that may disturb some readers.

According to news reports, two of Korea’s most notorious criminals have been communicating through letters.

On October 28, Koreans were shocked to learn that Lee Eun Hae, who was recently convicted of murdering her husband, communicated with Nth Room criminal Cho Joo Bin through letters.

Lee Eun Hae | Maeil Kyungjae

Cho Joo Bin is currently serving 42 years in prison for being responsible for the Nth Room scandal, one of Korea’s most infamous crimes where victims, including some who were underaged, were subjected to torture, sexual assault, and blackmail.

Cho Joo Bin | Joongang Ilbo

Lee Eun Hae is another notorious criminal who gaslighted her husband for years, eventually coercing him to his death by jumping into a river when he couldn’t swim. Lee Eun Hae had tried to collect on the ₩800 million KRW (about $563,000 USD) life insurance policy, but the life insurance company suspected foul play and contacted local authorities to investigate. Lee Eun Hae was charged with the murder, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

On October 27, a former prosecutor on Lee Eun Hae’s case revealed a shocking revelation, that the two infamous criminals had been communicating through letters.

While Lee Eun Hae was assigned to Incheon’s Holding Center, Nth Room criminal Cho Joo Bin wrote a letter to Lee Eun Hae. He told her not to cooperate with investigations and to refuse testimony. I was shocked.

— Former prosecutor Cho Jae Bin

Netizens reacted in shock and condemned the two criminals. Many rebuked Cho Joo Bin for having the audacity to give legal advice. 

  • “I know I shouldn’t think like this, but I’m worried for her daughter. I felt she kept her by her side for insurance.”
  • “He acted like he was king of Ilbe back then. Who does he think he is?”
  • “They compliment each other well.”
  • “They are two of a kind.”
Source: Chosun Ilbo
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