Hwang Chiyeul Calls Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany “Jessica” On Broadcast

Some fans are not happy.

Hwang Chiyeul was a guest on the most recent episode of Running Man with Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany, gugudan‘s Mina, and actress Park Yoo Na.

During the show, while the teams were out trying to complete their missions, Hwang Chiyeul ran into Ji Suk Jin‘s team. While they were passing by each other, Hwang Chiyeul tried to tell Ji Suk Jin who he saw, but got the name completely wrong.

Je… Jessica. I saw Jessica.

— Hwang Chiyeul

Ji Suk Jin quickly corrected him, telling him the correct name.

What do you mean Jessica, it’s Tiffany.

— Ji Suk Jin

Hwang Chiyeul then realized his mistake, and apologized using Tiffany’s real name.

S- Sorry. Mi Young-ssi, sorry.

— Hwang Chiyeul

While he was trying to give her a handshake during his apology, Ji Suk Jin also attempted to rip off his nametag, but failed to do so due to Hwang Chiyeul’s reflexes.

Some international fans are not happy with Hwang Chiyeul’s mistake, as Tiffany and Jessica do not look alike and Jessica has not been part of Girls’ Generation since 2014, more than 5 years ago.