Hwang In Yeop Reveals Who The Biggest Mentors In His Life Are

He looks up to a lot of people.

Following several popular dramas and his fast rise to stardom, Hwang In Yeop seems like a talented star who needs no guidance to success; however, in his recent Arena Homme Plus interview, the actor revealed he has many mentors in his life!

Along with his interview is his stunning pictorial that expressed the concept and title of “Like Sunlight.” Hwang In Yeop perfectly matched the concept on and off camera as he personally took care of the staff members on set. How sweet is that? He really captured the concept well with his caring personality.

Moving away from his own warm hearted personality, Hwang In Yeop focused on others and shared who his biggest mentors are.

All the people surrounding me right now are my mentors. There’s a characteristic vibe that comes from people that overflows with confidence and conviction, and I want to be someone who retains that feeling.

— Hwang In Yeop

Source: Arena Homme Plus