Hwang In Yeop Reveals The Story Of How He Achieved Both His Dreams Of Modeling And Acting

He can do it all!

Incredibly popular actor Hwang In Yeop recently participated in a pictorial and photoshoot with W Korea. His photographs, of course, came out beautifully and his interview was nothing but fascinating! The star revealed juicy details on how his career went from a stunning model turned to a thriving actor.

For those unaware, before his career as an actor, Hwang In Yeop was killing it in the modeling world. The topic was brought up during the interview when he was asked about his time as a student in school.

Q: What kind of student was Hwang In Yeop?

I didn’t like studying. When I was in middle school, I asked my mom, ‘Can I be a model while running a shopping mall and not attend college?’ I said that immaturely. During that moment, my mom said, ‘Find a valid reason for it for a month,’ and I recall trying to find a reason through working at a clothing store and going around Dongdaemun. I was able to model because my mom bought me magazine and supported me. At the time, I thought the career of an actor was a job decided by other people.

— Hwang In Yeop

In response to Hwang In Yeop’s answer, the interviewer followed with another question.

Q: Even though there is a lot of model-turned actors?

As a young boy who grew up in Uijeongbu and I was a timid. I went to Myeongdong for the first time in high school.

— Hwang In Yeop


As to his start as a model, Hwang In Yeop discussed how he immediately went to audition as a model after he fulfilled his military service.

Q: I heard that a lot of things have changed since you got discharged from the military and your thoughts changed. I wonder what happened to Hwang In Yeop in two years.

I met someone in the military who had a timid personality that I can’t challenge easily. Some people joined right after they graduated from high school, and some joined at the age of 30. When I looked at them, I decided not to delay my dreams any further. So I went to audition as soon as I was discharged from the military.

— Hwang In Yeop

He went on and clarified exactly when he started his modeling career as many have the timeline wrong.

Many people thought that I discharged from the military while working as a model and turned into an actor; however, I actually started modeling after being discharged.

— Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop was also asked about the process of getting accepted into his current agency. He shared intriguing details on how his experience and age made getting into the company difficult.

Q: How did you end up at your current agency?

I went through an audition. I had not experience at that time and I was 29 years old. Of course, 29 years old is not an old age, but for a company’s perspective, it wouldn’t be easy to decide on raising an inexperienced person to become an actor. Among the aspiring actors there was no one who lacked skills nor wasn’t desperate. I am grateful to my company who believed in my potential.

— Hwang In Yeop

Fortunately, Hwang In Yeop’s current agency was able to see his amazing talent! He went further and expressed his gratitude to his agency and everyone in his life when asked whether he had someone who changed his life.

Q: Are there any moments or people that changed your life?

When I was working alone as a model, I felt like, ‘Ah, the world is a cold place.’ But then my current company appeared like a miracle. There is no specific person. There are people that are always by my side no matter what. Just like my current company.

— Hwang In Yeop

Being an actor is clearly not an easy job, therefore, Hwang In Yeop was questioned on whether he experienced any hardships as an actor.

Q: While being an actor have you ever encountered a limit or slump?

The scheduel of the drama is flexible. Normally during the time people are sleeping, I’m awake working. I didn’t have the stamina to repeat this after a few months. My focus was also distracted when acting because my stamina was a problem. I also received an IV drip. Even if I lost weight, I had to keep the same appearance in front of the camera, so I ate and maintained my weight. I learned that managing such conditions is an area of speciality for actors.

— Hwang In Yeop

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It appears that Hwang In Yeop has gotten used to the career of an actor now as he is thriving and incredibly successful! His story is truly inspiring!

Source: W Korea