Hwang In Yeop Dishes On The Acting Role He Wants To Take On Next

He could play any role and crush it!

Hwang In Yeop is, of course, an amazing actor that can take on a variety of different characters. So what kind of role does the star want to take on next? Wonder no further! In his latest pictorial and interview with Arena Homme Plus, the popular actor revealed what type of acting role he’d like to take on!

Hwang In Yeop has portrayed a wide range of characters, from acting in a historical drama to becoming a high school bully, Hwang In Yeop has done a lot.

Most recently, as many are aware, Hwang In Yeop acted as Han Seo Jun in the widely popular drama, True Beauty. Han Seo Jun is a handsome bad boy who acted tough in front of others but is actually a total sweetheart.

In his interview, Hwang In Yeop shared his desires to show a new side of him he hasn’t been able to show in his previous drama. To do this, the star revealed he would like to act in an adult melodrama!

I want to play a manly or tough role. I want to show that I can also create a sexy and raw atmosphere like in an adult melodrama.

— Hwang In Yeop

Fans would love to see Hwang In Yeop in every concept and hopes he can take on any roles he desires! Whatever he does, fans will always be there to support him!

Source: Arena Homme Plus
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