Hwang In Yeop Impresses Fans By Revealing An Endless List Of Skills And Hidden Talents

Is there anything he can’t do?

As many know, the charming actor Hwang In Yeop has many talents. From having a successful career in modeling to thriving as an actor, he can do it all! Recently, Hwang In Yeop revealed even more skills of his in his interview with W Korea.

In the past, Hwang In Yeop shared one of the things he did to prepare for his role as True Beauty‘s Han Seojun was getting his motorcycle license. During his interview, Hwang In Yeop revealed more details on this experience.

Q: It’s not common to ride a bike in a drama.

I got a motorcycle license for this drama. I had never been on a motorcycle, so I got  coached from a bike enthusiast. Because i’m was tall, he told him to lower my posture and get closer to the bike. He told me when I take off my helmet, I must shake my head and shake it all over the place. That way, the set hair can be naturally messy (laughs).

— Hwang In Yeop

While the motorcycle is a popular trademark of Han Seo Jun, his charming singing voice is also a big part of the character. Hwang In Yeop shared what he learned about singing while sooting for the drama.

Q: Your singing skills are pretty good. In the drama, you played the role of a trainee and even stood on stage and sang the drama’s OST.

When I was in school, it was best to be able to reach a high note. I had to finish singing the whole song of ‘She’s gone’ by Steelheart and I thought back then, ‘I can sing.’ But then I got distant from the microphone. I can’t believe I sang a song for the drama OST… But through this drama I learned that it’s okay to sing in a calmer voice as well.

— Hwang In Yeop

| @hi_high_hiy/Instagram

Another skill of Hwang In Yeop that was unveiled through the drama was his ability to ice skate well.

Q: You have a lot of skills. I was surprised to see you skate in ‘True Beauty.’ Riding backward is a pretty advanced skill!

When I was young, I went to the skating class for about 2 years.  It wasn’t even an ice rink, but water poured on the field. I had no idea that I’d be able to use what I learned then (laughs).

— Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop (left) and Moon Ga Young (right) | @tvndrama.official/Instagram

Further into the interview, the clearly multi-talented actor revealed even more of his skills! His athletic skills were shared when he mentioned acting for an action genre.

Q: To act in the action genre, as a basic, you must be athletic. Are you confident about it?

But I can do everything a little bit. I’ve learned 3rd degree black-belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido. I have learned skating, swimming, skiing, and kendo.

— Hwang In Yeop

Just when you think he couldn’t possibly have any more skills up his sleeve, Hwang In Yeop shared the story of how he became ambidextrous.

Q: Many fans are curious about this. You eat food with your left hand and write with your right hand. How do you use both hands? Are you ambidextrous?

When I was younger, I did everything with my left hand. My parents wanted me to at least write and kick with my right side, so I started to change that. When I throw a ball, when I eat food, I usually use my left hand. I write with my right hand, I kick with my right foot. I can use scissors on both hands. But this is something that only my close friends know!

— Hwang In Yeop

It seems like the list of Hwang In Yeop’s skills is never-ending! Who knows, he may have more that will be revealed to us in the future. We are looking forward to it!

Source: W Korea