Hwang In Yeop Reveals The Secret To His Youthful Look That Allows Him To Keep Playing Student Roles

How is he 31 years old? He looks so young!

Popular actor Hwang In Yeop‘s pictorial and interview with Arena Homme Plus have recently been released and they are both as amazing as he is! His visuals are sharp and his interview is nothing but intriguing as he revealed secrets such as how he keeps himself looking so young!

For those unaware, Hwang In Yeop, despite his youthful look, is actually 31 years old! Of course, 31 is not considered old age; however, fans were shocked to find out how well he can pass for the age of someone still in high school.

Even though he is in his 30s, he has taken on the role of several high school characters! Hwang In Yeop’s recent student roles are Goo Jangsung from the drama 18 Again and of course, Han Seojun of True Beauty.

So how does he keep himself looking so young? His answer is quite simple!

Q: You look younger in real life. Do you have any secrets?

Thank you. The tip is sunscreen? Since elementary school, my mother told me to always wear sunscreen. My mother looks much younger. It can be genetic factors too. My father doesn’t apply anything but he also looks young. Is it because of heredity? Is it sunscreen? I don’t know.

— Hwang In Yeop

As mentioned previously, Hwang In Yeop’s young appearance has allowed him to play many characters of a much younger age than his own. With this in mind, the interview asked Hwang In Yeop’s opinion on it all.

Q: Both Goo Jasung of ’18 Again’ and Han Seojun of ‘True Beauty’ are student roles. Your age is not young enough to play student roles.

As an actor who has to play new and colorful roles, I believe we need to have an open heart. I’m 31 years old now, but my heart is still young. I’m working hard to think in a fresh and new way. So it might be why I’m able to be familiar with roles of teens as well.

— Hwang In Yeop

| @jtbcdrama/Instagram

On the topic his character Han Seo Jun, Hwang In Yeop was asked if he had anything in common with him. This question made Hwang In Yeop reflect back to the times spent in his 20s

Q: Do you have any similarities with Han Seojun?

You know how confidence usually has a clear reason? Well for me and Han Seojoon, we have no reason for our confidence. We’re just like, ‘Just do it.’ I was afraid of many things when I was in my 20s, and as a result, I felt like my future was uncertain. So I kept telling myself to be more confident. Maybe that’s why my body learned to try new things without hesitation and act confidently.

— Hwang In Yeop

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The interview then asked Hwang In Yeop if he has experienced any differences after turning 31.

Q: Is there anything that changed after turning 30?

I learned not to be impatient. Since I’m in my 30s, I’m quite relaxed and I’m working hard.

— Hwang In Yeop

It seems like everyone can agree that Hwang In Yeop is definitely blessed with youthful visuals! We hope to see more projects from him soon!

Source: Arena Homme Plus and Twitter