Hwang In Youp Seeks Advice From Ji Chang Wook On How To Film Romance Scenes

He consulted the master!

Even professional actors get nervous about romance scenes!

Actor Hwang In Youp recently confessed that he sought advice from sunbae Ji Chang Wook on how to film romance scenes.

From left: Hwang In Youp, Choi Sung Eun, and Ji Chang Wook. | Netflix

TVING‘s new variety show Youth MT (also called Young Actors’ Retreat) has aired its first two episodes, and the two actors caught up as they drove in Episode 1.

Members of each drama team mix together, play various MT games, and travel together, building new friendships and creating pleasant memories.

— Wikipedia’s description for Youth MT

“Youth MT” poster.

Ji Chang Wook asked Hwang In Youp how his recent K-Drama Why Her? went. It was his first time acting as the male lead.


Ji Chang Wook: How was the drama, In Youp?

Hwang In Youp: The drama?

Ji Chang Wook: Yes.

Hwang In Youp explained that since he usually plays a teenager despite being over 30, this was his first time filming a romance drama as the lead. Being inexperienced, he researched and found many results come up with Ji Chang Wook.

This was my first role as an adult. And it was my first time filming a romance drama. So whenever there was… a very romantic scene, I looked it up on the internet, and every time, you came up.

— Hwang In Youp


Since the two knew each other from their time filming Netflix‘s Sound of Magic together, Hwang In Youp decided to consult the romance master himself! So, he called him for advice.


Hwang In Youp: So I called him to ask him how.

Ji Chang Wook: He called me.

But Hwang In Youp didn’t keep this information confidential. He told his Why Her? co-star Seo Hyun Jin that since it was his first time, he had asked Ji Chang Wook for advice, much to Ji Chang Wook’s shock and embarrassment.


Hwang In Youp: I told Seo Hyun Jin, “This is my first time, so I sought advice from Chang Wook.”

Ji Chang Wook: Why did you say that?

Hwang In Youp: I told her that, and she laughed so much.

Ji Chang Wook: I’m embarrassed.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Ji Chang Wook! You have some of the best kissing scenes in all K-Drama history, after all.

And Hwang In Youp absolutely killed it in his first role as male lead!

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