Hwang Jung Eum’s Agency Responds To Divorce And Cheating Allegations

Fans are shocked.

Hwang Jung Eum‘s agency has responded to divorce reports surrounding the actress.

Hwang Jung Eum (right) and her husband (left)
Hwang Jung Eum (right) and her husband (left) | Chosun Ilbo

On February 22, Y1 Entertainment spoke with Sports Today about Hwang Jung Eum’s reported divorce. In a short statement, the agency confirmed that the actress filed for divorce.

After much deliberation, Hwang Jung Eum decided that she could no longer maintain her marriage and has filed for divorce.

— Y1 Entertainment

When asked about the reason for the divorce, the actress’s agency stated they could not reveal that information.

Please understand that we can’t reveal the reason for divorce as it pertains to her personal life. Please refrain from speculating on the divorce for the sake of the actress and her child.

— Y1 Entertainment

Previously, the actress shocked fans when it was reported that she had filed for divorce. The news comes a day after the actress hinted at her estranged husband’s extramarital affairs on Instagram, which you can read more about in the link below.

Hwang Jung Eum Exposes Husband’s Infidelity On Instagram


Source: tv daily
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