Star Actress Publicly Exposes Husband — Says Marriage Was Her Life’s Biggest Regret

“Marriage is my life’s biggest regret…”

Actress Hwang Jung Eum claimed that marriage was her biggest regret in life.

Hwang Jung Eum | JoongAng Ilbo

On October 22, Hwang Jung Eum appeared as a guest on SBS‘s My Little Old Boy. The show details the lives of middle-aged unmarried celebrities.


On this day, Hwang Jung Eum spoke about her marriage to former pro golfer Lee Young Don. The actress, who in 2020, sent press releases to the media informing them that she was getting a divorce, revealed what made her get married in the first place.

I married my husband after dating for 10 months, and now we have been married for 8 years. At the time, I was blinded by love, and everything about him seemed so cool.

— Hwang Jung Eum

Hwang Jung Eum then lamented how she no longer found her husband to be as cool as she remembered.

But now, I don’t find him to be handsome as I once did when we were dating, and my heart no longer flutters. In fact, marriage is my life’s biggest regret. Isn’t it interesting that I like nothing about him?

— Hwang Jung Eum

The actress then revealed that her husband also seems to have had a change of heart and stated that her husband, who once called her a doll for her beauty, now called her a “Demon doll.

Lee Young Don (left) and Hwang Jung Eum with their child | 10Asia

Hwang Jung Eum also opened up about the time when she publicly declared she was getting a divorce in 2020. The couple eventually reconciled and had their second child soon after.

I told my parents a day before news outlets reported the divorce. I revealed the news in my family’s group chat, but I was shocked when I saw that my parents were only worried about my husband.

— Hwang Jung Eum

The actress then revealed why the couple got back together and hinted that despite her harsh words, she was still very much in love.

My husband now is careful not to do the things I hate. I guess we got back together because I still have some feelings for him.

— Hwang Jung Eum

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung Eum is one of Korea’s most popular actresses. During her acting career, which spans decades, the actress has become well-known for her acting skills as well as her honest and truthful personality. Hwang Jung Eum is currently on SBS‘s The Escape Of The Seven.

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