Male Idol-Turned-Actor Had Fans Wondering If He Was Filming A Drama In Latest Photos

Is he really in the military?

Singer and actor Hwang Min Hyun recently gained much attention for photos of him in the military. The high-quality visuals in the photos had netizens and fans almost mistake him for filming a drama.


Fans were shook at his sharp and charismatic visuals, looking like he came right out of Descendents of the Sun.

He may look amazing in these photos, but netizens agree that he looks godly in real-life!

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “He’s so handsome.”
  • “I saw him up close before and his in-person visuals are crazy.”
  • “Wow…”
  • “Wow..crazy…”
  • “The crazy thing is he looks even better in real life.”
  • “So good-looking…look at his skin.”
  • “He is so good-looking.”
  • “His face is literally shining.”
  • “Crazy.”
  • “This looks like a drama still cut.”
  • “Is this a movie?”
  • “So freaking good-looking.”
  • “Is this a drama?”
  • “Crazy handsome.”

On the other hand, Hwang Min Hyun enlisted in the military on March 21 and released his digital single, Lullaby as gift to fans before beginning his service.


Source: theqoo
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