Hwasa is on fire in MAMAMOO’s latest MV and netizens are divided

“This is a little over the top for Korea still. I love it though, she’s amazing.”

MAMAMOO dropped a passionate music video for “Egotistic”, a true summer bop with all the steamy Latin vibes, and while all the members are drop-dead gorgeous, Hwasa‘s sexy-fierce style has Korean netizens completely shook.


Hwasa’s outfits, throughout the music video, are scandalously sexy — almost too hot for some to handle. The revealing scenes of the music video have made some Korean netizens uncomfortable.

  • “This is too much.”

  • “Isn’t the one piece way too racy? I bet if another girl group member wore that, she would have received so much hate.”

  • “I really can’t stand her nails. You know, no matter how clean you try to keep that, it’s nasty. It’s probably uncomfortable too.”

  • “What’s wrong with her eyes… Can’t she ever open them normally?”

  • “Put some f*cking clothes on.”


Of course, most fans — including the global Moomoos — are falling head over heels for Hwasa’s wildest look yet. The music video is steadily building views, now at over 4.4 million.

  • “Who else in K-Pop could pull this off better?”

  • “I legitimately almost passed out whenever I saw Hwasa in the one piece, she’s so dangerous.”

  • “Hwasa is way more dangerous than this leopard, she’s so powerful.”

  • “I’m so gay for Hwasa it’s not even funny anymore.”


Hwasa is one of the female idols in the K-Pop scene to be breaking stereotypes and fans love her even more for what she is doing.

  • “I love how Hwasa seems to give zero f*cks what anyone thinks. It’s so cool.”

  • “This is a little over the top for Korea still. I love it though, she’s amazing.”

  • “You know, people outside of Korea think Hwasa is a queen. It’s only in Korea she is this criticized. Koreans are so hateful, they would probably call Beyoncé fat.”


Watch the super sultry music video here: