MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals What Her Guilty Pleasure Is And How It Influenced Her New Album

She got real about the feelings and experiences that impacted her creative process.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is back with a new solo album and she is giving us a deeper look into her thoughts and feelings than ever. Speaking at a press conference for the release of Guilty Pleasure, she revealed what her guilty pleasure is and how, along with many difficult experiences, it impacted the creative process for this new album.

“I’m a 빛” MV | MAMAMOO/Youtube

After a hiatus of one and a half years as a solo artist, Hwasa says she reflected a lot on the difficult times she’s gone through and on the struggles she faced when making her last solo album. There were many creative ups and downs, which led her to realize that her guilty pleasure is pushing herself to her limits.

I realized that I tend to push myself too far to the point where I’m mistreating myself in order to attain what I want, and I get joy by doing this.

— Hwasa

Yet, she became conscious of the negative impact this had on her on her life, making her feel remorseful.

Thinking about what I went through, I’ve become sensitive at times, and there was even a point when hysteria gripped me.

“I’m a 빛” MV | MAMAMOO/Youtube

She said that these dark feelings caused her to lose out on the small joys in life, making her feel absent. In fact, Hwasa shared that as she was writing the lyrics she felt continuously sorry for not being able to be there for her family and the people that matter to her; a feeling that also influenced the album despite not finding its way into her lyrics themselves.

After listening to the album, fans will perhaps see where Hwasa is coming from, though the sheer confidence of her lyrics and the strong feel of the title track, “I’m a 빛,” belie the more vulnerable emotions that impacted the creative process of the album.

“I’m a 빛” MV | MAMAMOO/Youtube

Of course, all of this helps to make both the album and the artist all the more well-rounded, making it already an amazing comeback from the ever-talented Hwasa. Although she claims that charting, awards and sales are not her main focus, Hwasa is already making fans happy with the emotional depth and the impactful creativity of “I’m a 빛” and the Guilty Pleasure album. Therefore, congratulations on a great comeback to Hwasa! Watch the MV for “I’m a 빛” below.

Source: The Korea Herald