Hwayoung cast as protagonist of KBS “Ok’s House”

Hwayoung has been cast for the role of protagonist in the upcoming drama Ok’s House.

It has been reported that on October 31st, Hwayoung, former member of T-ARA, was cast as the role of the heroine for KBS’ upcoming drama Ok’s House. Hwayoung, who recently finished off her drama Mother’s Choice is relentlessly pushing herself to the limit by jumping straight into a new role in a new drama.

The new drama Ok’s House deals with a family who has been accused for stealing a Korean historical item and their attempts to solve the problem and protect themselves.

Hwayoung will be playing Han Ok, the protagonist of the drama who is known for her emotion and hot temper, and she will be the center of the drama with her curiosity and loveliness.

Hwayoung, upon the confirmation of the cast, has stated that she feels “so nervous before the filming. This is my first Korean Opera (Chang Geuk), I know I am not yet at the level of the best, but I will do my best.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Korean Opera, Korean Opera is a traditional Opera type of show which includes about 20-30 actors and Korean Orchestra.

Are you excited to see Hwayoung in her new drama?

Source: 10 Asia