Hwayoung Flooded With Hate After She Throws Shade At T-ara Scandal

Hwayoung appears to have responded to her latest controversy with a post on Instagram, slyly captioning her post “Bullshit”.

Hwayoung quickly returned to the center of controversy after appearing on TV Program “Taxi” and discussing her bullying scandal with T-ara. Former T-ara staff quickly came to the groups defense and leaked chat logs of Hwayoung and her twin sister, accusing them of being two-faced.

Now, Hwayoung has taken to Instagram for the second time since the scandal broke out with a cryptic message. Her message is captioned with “dog sounds”, specifically “woof woof” and “bark bark”.

However, the direct translation for “dog sounds” is “bullshit”. Dog in Korean is 개 and sound in Korean is 소리. Combined together, these words say “Bullshit” (gae-so-ri).






While these captions could possibly have innocent intentions behind them, fans are not giving her the benefit of the doubt. Taking into consideration the situation she’s in and how odd the caption is, it seems highly unlikely this was an innocent post.

The comment section is being flooded with emoji’s of snakes and poop.