Hwayoung threatens fans who’re leaving hate comments on her Instagram

The saga between T-ara, Hwayoung and the public has stepped up to another level as Hwayoung is fighting back against comments on her Instagram.

Hwayoung has returned to the center of attention once again, after first appearing on TV Program “Taxi” with her twin-sister, Hyoyoung. She was then the focus of a blaring post by an ex-Tara staff member, which caused T-ara fans to flood her Instagram.

Now, the ex-member has posted an update to her Instagram and is going on the defensive, threatening those who have left malicious comments for her.

“I guess you guys want an official statement along the lines of ‘I was wrong~you were wrong~’. What happened was the result of being young and stupid on portraying each other’s emotions when we weren’t happy with each other 5 years ago.

Maybe you’ll be happy when we’re pulling each other’s hair out and this turns into a mud fight. Everyone leaving malicious comments you should watch yourselves first.”

— Hwayoung