“Hwayugi” Cast Comes Together To Pick Their Favorite Moments From The Drama

The “Hwayugi” cast reunited just before the show finishes airing!

The main cast of the hit drama Hwayugi, including Lee Seung Gi, (who plays Son Oh Gong), Oh Yeon Seo (Jin Sun Mi), Lee Hong Gi (P.K) and Lee Se Young (zombie Jung Se Ra/Richie), has reunited to pick their favorite moments from the series.

Image: TvN

The drama follows Son Oh Gong, a heavenly monkey being who is tricked into protecting a human who can see ghosts, Jin Sun Mi, in a world overrun by ghosts, monsters, and gods.


Lee Seung Gi’s favorite scenes include one in episode 4 where his character, Son Oh Gong, tells Sun Mi, who is chased by monsters and ghosts as the mythical samjang, that he will protect her.

“This is the first time Son Oh Gong says he will protect Jin Sun Mi even when the world is ending. Before now, Son Oh Gong only jokes with Jin Sun Mi. This is the first time he shows his sincere side and it’s the first serious scene.” — Lee Seung Gi


His second favorite moment is when Son Oh Gong and Jin Sun Mi kiss in episode 10 to “reactivate” the geumganggo bracelet which captures the monkey’s heart and forces him to love and protect her.

“This is the scene where Son Oh Gong and Jin Sun Mi confirm their faith in each other. I think the viewers’ nickname for us, ‘geumganggo couple’, matches this scene the best.” — Lee Seung Gi


Oh Yeon So’s favorite scene was in episode 5, when her character Jin Sun Mi is shot when she enters an old movie made during the Gyeongseong Era.

“I remember this scene because it was a new experience for me. Waking in the theatre reminded me of a fairytale and I think it was a beautiful moment.” — Oh Yeon So


For Lee Hong Gi, the most memorable scene was in episode 10, when P.K tries to feed samjang Jin Sun Mi to his close friend, zombie Jung Se Ra (nicknamed ‘Richie’), who is dying and can be revived with samjang‘s blood.

“In this scene, I think P.K is only thinking of Richie. His determination to save her makes him really cool. It’s a poignant scene where P.K is his most sincere.” — Lee Gong Hi


Finally, Lee Se Young’s favorite scene was in episode 11 when her character told Son Oh Gong she wanted to disappear while she was still pretty.

“Richie’s situation is sad. I felt sorry for her when she showed kindness towards the people that killed her by not wanting to take revenge. The scene where she had to say goodbye to P.K and cried a lot was also memorable.” — Lee Se Young


The final two episodes of Hwayugi are due to air on Netflix this week, so stay tuned to discover how it’s all going to end!

Source: Herald Pop