HYBE Accused Of Taking Advantage Of BTS’s Jin With Recent “2024 Olympics” Announcement

“Why is HYBE…”

BTS‘s Jin might have only just been discharged from the military, but he is booked and busy. One of the major schedules the idol has is being a torch bearer for the upcoming 2024 Olympics in Paris to represent Korea.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Yet, HYBE‘s recent announcement has netizens thinking they’re taking advantage of Jin’s popularity.

Along with sending lightsticks to show support for Korean athletes, outlets revealed that HYBE would be sending content to the Korea House in Paris, which will be a public and ticketed space to explore things like K-Sports, K-Food, K-Pop, K-Art, and K-Tours of Korea.

The concept for Korea House | Medium

It was revealed that HYBE will not only be sending “music videos and variety content from HYBE Labels artists, and will also display light sticks and official merchandise,” but also emphasize Jin’s role as the torchbearer at the event.

It was then shared that there would be a special celebration of Jin’s track “The Astronaut” with a chance for netizens to take pictures with a large doll of the character “Wootteo.”

Jin and Wootteo

When the information was released, although ARMYs were happy to see Wootteo be included in such a huge exhibition, they thought HYBE was capitalizing on the idol’s popularity to help promote other idols. In particular, as Jin is specifically involved in the Olympics, netizens thought HYBE was taking advantage of Jin.

You can read more about HYBE’s involvement with the Olympics below.

HYBE Will Produce Lightstick For Korea At The “2024 Paris Olympics”

Source: SportsW


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