HYBE To Launch Credit Card Featuring BTS & Other Weverse Artists

This will be the first credit card made exclusively for K-Pop fans.

Wish you could buy more merchandise for BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN, TREASURE, and more artists on Weverse? The solution to your problem could be HYBE‘s new credit card set to launch later this year.

This week, South Korean credit card company Shinhan Card announced it will be partnering with HYBE’s Weverse Company to launch a new private label credit card (PLCC) featuring BTS and other artists on the fanclub platform. Never heard of a PLCC? These store-branded credit cards are created for use with a specific retailer—in this case, Weverse Shop.

When fans buy albums, concert goods, and other merchandise from Weverse Shop with one of these new credit cards, they’ll be treated to various benefits and rewards. While Shinhan Card and HYBE are yet to specify what these rewards will be, common benefits include cashback on purchases and points to spend on future orders or exclusive items.

Unofficial mockup

In a statement on the new collaboration, Shinhan Card explained that the Weverse credit cards “will offer differentiated products and services in terms of card design and benefits,” creating greater satisfaction for customers. While initial designs are expected to feature BTS, Weverse currently hosts almost 27 artists who may get their own designs.

BTS | Big Hit Music

Alongside HYBE Labels acts like TXT, SEVENTEEN, and ENHYPEN, groups from other agencies (such as TREASURE, Dreamcatcher, and EVERGLOW) also use the Weverse platform. Fans on Weverse currently span 233 regions around the world, but it’s unclear whether the platform’s private label credit cards will be rolled out beyond South Korea.

Source: The Korea Herald and Dribbble