HYBE Announces Plans For TXT And ENHYPEN In-Person Concerts And BTS World Tour

It’ll be the first for TXT and ENHYPEN since their debuts.

HYBE artists, BTS, TXT, and ENHYPEN, are preparing for upcoming in-person concerts.

According to the HYBE IR Conference call for the 4th quarter of 2021 report, there are big plans for artists in 2022 as nations get the pandemic under control. Both TXT and ENHYPEN will have their first in-person concerts since their debut, sure to excite fans.

Leading with Justin Bieber whose concert tour started on February 18 with a total of 105 shows in 28 countries until March 2023, other HYBE artists are planning in-person events, proactively adopting hybrid formats, combining online and in-person performance. It’s likely to boost profits and have facilitated communication with more fans. Especially TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN will hold their first-ever in-person concert since their debut to connect with more fans.




BIGHIT MUSIC has already officially announced three in-person concerts for BTS coming up in March. Additionally, they are also planning a world tour.

In addition to three concerts scheduled for March, BTS is planning additional ones abroad. We will keep you updated with more details soon.



Listen to the audio clip from HYBE below:

Source: @renkiger_