HYBE Under Fire After Netizen Posts About Only BTS’s Jimin Sitting In Prestige During Flight To L.A.

They demand an explanation.

Recently, K-Pop idol group BTS took a flight to L.A. for their U.S. concert and promotions. But recently, a netizen who flew the same flight as the members, posted a message on Instagram about the experience. 

| @cindy_202/Instagram

Although many of you may be jealous that I flew on a plane where BTS was so close I could reach them if I fell…I am currently regretting my choice of not buying first class tickets instead! If I had, I would have been able to see the members for the full eleven hour flight! But I noticed that Jimin was riding in Prestige. I deliberately went to the bathroom like a hundred times just to see Jimin.

I daydreamed about running over to first class to ask V to open the lid for my jam and about how the guards probably wouldn’t be able to pull me away…but man my DMs are on fire (Please take a look at V’s hands in the fourth clip!).


With this post, social media began blowing up with speculations and hashtags regarding the reason as to why HYBE had Jimin sit in Prestige while the other members sat in first class. Some also wondered as to why the performance director Son Sung Deuk flew first class while Jimin sat in Prestige as well.

Why does Jimin ride business while Son Sung Deuk rides first???

— @parkseren_jm

Not long after, the original poster posted an apology regarding the matter.

| @cindy_202/Instagram

I am ashamed of my thoughts and actions and want to sincerely apologize. I was just so honored to meet BTS on the same plane and I guess I wanted to show off because I was so happy. Of course filming them in secret and taking photos was childish of me to do. But at the same time I thought when in my lifetime would I ever be able to see V right in front of me like that? So I filmed him while landing before the bodyguards came. But I knew that posting this was a mistake so I deleted the posts right away.

And going by the bathroom a hundred times? No way…it was just once and I just happened to see Jimin. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable so I walked by quickly and I didn’t see who was next to him because all I saw was Jimin (does this make sense?) I heard that things are under fire because of what I posted. I have not sugar coated anything and felt that it was best to explain everything exactly as I have experienced them and apologize.


Fans are currently waiting for an official explanation from the company. HYBE has yet to respond to the situation.