HYBE Founder Bang Si Hyuk’s “Pre-Debut” Pictures Become A Hot Topic Amidst The Acquisition Of SM Entertainment Shares

One netizen even compared him to Ryan Gosling!

HYBE‘s founder Bang Si Hyuk has been the center of news after the company acquired shares in SM Entertainment. It also means he has been a hot topic amongst netizens for many reasons.

Recently, pre-debut pictures of Bang Si Hyuk have gained attention and shocked netizens with his visuals.

Bang Si Hyuk | @hitmanb72/Instagram

Since he first founded Big Hit Entertainment as a small company and saw it grow in size and popularity to become HYBE, Bang Si Hyuk has always gained attention for his bond with his artists like BTS, TXTLE SSERAFIM, and more.

Bang PD and BTS | @hitmanb72/Instagram

Bang PD with Sakura and Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM | @hitmanb72/Instagram

Bang PD with TXT | @hitmanb72/Instagram

Yet, amidst the news of HYBE acquiring shares in SM Entertainment and becoming the biggest shareholder, Korean netizens have taken a trip down memory as pictures were shared of Bang Si Hyuk in his pre-debut days.

Of course, most ARMYs’ first time seeing Bang Si Hyuk or the earliest image of him would be the HYBE audition video where he starts, “Hey, yo, Hitman Bang introduces Hit It, the second audition.”


| HYBE LABELS/YouTube     

In particular, it brought back the viral high school graduation that international ARMYs became obsessed with back in 2022.

While those videos and photos are known to many, in the post, the OP shared a timeline of Bang Si Hyuk’s image from when he first made an appearance to netizens to now.

Of course, the weight difference was the post’s main point, but although Bang Si Hyuk looks so different, he had the same expressions and was definitely recognizable.

When the photos were shared, many of the comments couldn’t stop praising how “cute” he looked, even comparing Bang Si Hyuk to handsome actors and idols. Many even wished for the HYBE founder to take care of his health more, adding that hopefully, he can deal with it following the deal with SM Entertainment.

  • He’s cute
  • He might be able to take care of it after getting hit with a lot of debt.
  • He looks like Ravi. Ravi looks like Ryan Gosling. All three look similar.
  • He’s cute.

Although many comments about his weight are more due to his health, there is no denying that Bang Si Hyuk definitely had idol features when he was younger.

Source: FM Korea