A HYBE Girl Group Member Called Herself “Ugly,” But Her Group Wasn’t Having It

We love supportive besties who boost each other’s confidence.

During The Game Caterers 2 x HYBE special, a rare moment was captured where a female idol voiced her self-consciousness about her appearance. Showing the strong bond of HYBE‘s girl group fromis_9, the members immediately jumped in to boost her confidence.

fromis_9 | @realfromis_9/Twitter

As the members rested at their tent, keeping as cool as possible, Lee Nagyung announced, “I’m so ugly.Lee Saerom was instantly surprised.

Park Jiwon immediately put a stop to Lee Nagyung’s negative thinking. She said, “You’re the prettiest here. What are you talking about?” The rest of the members agreed, rejecting Lee Nagyung’s initial comment.

Lee Chaeyoung even went as far as holding up a mirror to prove it, telling Lee Nagyung, “You’re the prettiest here.

After hearing all of her members’ supportive words, Lee Nagyung couldn’t help but smile at their enthusiasm. She wasn’t the only one touched by their passionate encouragement.

Since Lee Nagyung is stunning and one of the group’s visuals, fans adored how the members instantly rejected the comment and did their best to boost her confidence.

Viewers even pointed out some of the idols whose visuals were breathtaking on the show, including Lee Nagyung and SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua.

Watch fromis_9 show the ultimate female empowerment by giving Lee Nagyung all the support she needed.