Netizens Notice Just How Different HYBE Labels’ Subsidiaries’ Aesthetics Are Through Their Audition Ads

HYBE Labels may be one company, but its subsidiaries are vastly diverse!

Recently, the various subsidiaries under HYBE Labels — including BIGHIT MUSICADORSOURCE MUSIC, and others — have been busy promoting auditions for new trainees.


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With just how many audition advertisements are being shared under the label, it seems that HYBE Labels is planning to have several new K-Pop groups debut under them in the next half-decade or so! What has interested a lot of people, though, is just how different the advertising styles are for each of the company’s subsidiaries.


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The various advertisements were shared and discussed on an online Korean forum. The first subsidiary, SOURCE MUSIC, is arguably the boldest of the audition advertisement aesthetics, going for bright colors and funky fonts that are much different than the vibe of their current artist, LE SSERAFIM.

SOURCE MUSIC audition ads

In contrast are the ads for ADOR, which have a much more muted aesthetic and more mature-looking style in their requests for male trainee auditions. It seems to be similar to the kind of branding that their artist NewJeans is known for.

ADOR audition ads

As for BIGHIT MUSIC, their main method of appealing to guys to apply for their trainee program seems to be to use the success of BTS and TXT as motivation, which is understandable given their worldwide popularity!

BIGHIT MUSIC audition ads

The new subsidiary HYBE Labels Japan is using a pretty toned-down and muted advertisement method for male trainees, which is an interesting choice compared to the arguably more exciting designs used for others mentioned.

HYBE Labels Japan audition ads

HYBE Labels U.S., on the other hand, went for a pretty pastel color palette that would likely appeal to a lot of girls who may be interested in applying to become a trainee there. It’s simple, but looks nice and cohesive all together.

HYBE U.S. audition ads

ZICO‘s label, KOZ Entertainment, is also relatively simple, but has a much edgier and more angsty aesthetic to it, which suits the prominent K-Pop soloist himself and will likely appeal to guys who he would want to work at his company.

KOZ Entertainment audition ads

Finally, Pledis Entertainment‘s quest to find new trainees is interesting, to say the least. It uses a multitude of different fonts with a sort of retro aesthetic that has been becoming trendier lately, though it is a lot to look at!

Pledis Entertainment audition ads

Here’s how Koreans have reacted on the original post discussing these different audition ads.

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  • “Oooh, SOURCE MUSIC’s is pretty.”
  • “Hey, this is kind of fun! They’re all unique.”
  • “BIGHIT’s like… ‘We have BTS.’ They’re like BTS ads, basically.”
  • “But that makes sense.”
  • “I mean, why not? Trainees would find that inspirational enough. It’s ad done right, haha.”
  • “I, too, would probably try out based on that post alone.”
  • “BIGHIT needs a new design team, stat.”
  • “I like BIGHIT’s, though. The puzzle design is cool.”
  • “All of these are different. These are fun to look at. Haha.”

International K-Pop fans have shared their opinions too, though they’re much more mixed, and are also critical of how well HYBE Labels will be able to handle so many new trainees and groups.

Which audition ad appeals to you the most?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa