HYBE Labels Might Be Preparing New Trainees In Plain Sight

It might be time to start stanning an upcoming HYBE Labels group!

Recently on Reddit, user tafattsbarn posted about a discovery they made on YouTube that might end up being a huge deal for K-Pop fans, especially those that enjoy HYBE Labels artists!

Upon discovery of a YouTube channel with the name “Trainee A”, it quickly became apparent that the idols-in-training that feature on the channel aren’t just any trainees! It seems pretty clear that they are training in the old BigHit Entertainment building, with footage taken in the space before the company made the move into their new building as HYBE Labels.

While some might argue that the practice rooms that the trainees appear in don’t look the same as those seen in BTS or TXT‘s dance practices, TXT’s own Taehyun has said before that trainees and idols practice in separate rooms, with the former having access to the basement practice rooms rather than the more well-known ones. And even then, the rooms share similarities such as the same type of doors and similarly designed wall sections as well.

Trainee A/YouTube

While these pieces of evidence alone aren’t enough to completely confirm that the six trainees featured so far on the “Trainee A” YouTube channel are with Hybe Labels, tafattsbarn brought up one more point that seems even more substantial.


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“Trainee A” already has an Instagram account as well, and with only just over 1,000 followers as of the time of this writing, among their followers are Slow Rabbit, pdogg, hissnoise, and FRANTS, all of whom are producers associated with HYBE Labels.

It’s possible that the six trainees revealed at this time — who go by the names Leo, Sangwon, James, Jihoon, Junil, and Inhyuk — could be members of the group that HYBE Labels is said to be preparing to debut in 2022. BigHit Entertainment trademarked the name “Aloners Association” last year, so it’s possible that it’s also related to “Trainee A”!


Of course, this still isn’t an absolute confirmation that “Trainee A” is being produced by HYBE Labels, but the trainees still show incredible promise, so they deserve to have people following their journey regardless! Check out some of them showcasing their skills below.

Source: Reddit