“This Is So Wrong” — HYBE’s New “MIDNATT” Project Is Turning Into A Protest

Fans want their voice to be heard loud and clear.

From selling SM Entertainment shares to launching a new boy group, HYBE is shaking up the K-Pop industry in 2023, but not all the changes are being well-received.


Two of the most controversial changes involve AI (artificial intelligence) and dynamic pricing. While AI-made music is a potential threat to real artists’ careers, dynamic pricing is pricing many fans out of live concerts. The practice of dynamic pricing allows ticket vendors to increase ticket prices based on demand–with company approval.

HYBE recently came under fire after admitting that it has approved dynamic pricing for artists such as BTS‘s Suga (also known by his soloist stage name Agust D) and TXT.

We currently do apply dynamic pricing to the US market for performances by Suga and TXT. If any of our other artists do perform in the US, the same dynamic pricing will apply. Basically, to be able to apply this scheme, you have to have sell-out ticketing power and we think that all of our artists have that. It could apply to them if they are performing in the US.


Ever since the news broke, fans have been demanding answers and changes to the current ticketing system at every available opportunity. One is MIDNATT, a mysterious project previously code-named “Project L.” Many fans were disappointed to discover that MIDNATT is not a new group but rather an AI creation.

Today, HYBE released three new video teasers for MIDNATT’s “Masquerade” MV Moon Film: “Stage. ver,” “Abyss. vers,” and “Slope. ver.” YouTube users are now using the teaser trailers’ comment sections to protest AI and dynamic pricing.

Similarly, social media users on Twitter, TikTok, and elsewhere are calling attention to these issues and voicing their support for HYBE’s “human artists.” 

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