HYBE Opens Social Media Accounts Under The Handle “SMwithHYBE”

HYBE is currently vying for voting rights from SM Entertainment’s minority shareholders.

On March 2, HYBE opened accounts on Twitter and YouTube under the handle “SMwithHYBE.”

Screenshot of @SMwithHYBE Twitter account | @SMwithHYBE

The account has already sent out tweets stating that the company desires to be with SM Entertainment‘s shareholders, artists, and fans.

The account’s YouTube page currently has videos explaining HYBE’s shareholder proposal and its vision for SM Entertainment’s growth, direction, and shareholder return policy.

Youtube account for @SMwithHYBE | @SMwithHYBE/YouTube

Both accounts feature profile pictures with “SM With Hybe” stylized in HYBE’s signature font.

Profile picture @SMwithHybe/Twitter

The account seems to have been made in direct response to videos released by SM Entertainment’s executive team as HYBE vyes for voting rights from minority shareholders in SM Entertainment ahead of the label’s general shareholder’s meeting.

HYBE Labels SM Entertainment’s Current Management As “Untrustworthy” And Requests Voting Rights From Minority Shareholders Ahead Of General Meeting

Stay tuned for updates.


Source: @SMwithHYBE/Twitter