HYBE’s Performance Director Son Sung Deuk Spills On Just How Talented BTS’s Jungkook Was Even As A Trainee

Jungkook was the blueprint for future HYBE trainees!

BTS‘s Jungkook has gained attention for his unbelievable talent, undeniable visuals, and charming charisma since he debuted as part of the group back in 2013.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

Like every idol, Jungkook didn’t become a star overnight and spent a lot of time training to become a member of BTS. Yet, it seems like the idol always had talent and was someone the company kept their eyes on, even as a young teenager.

All the members trained together before debuting

Recently HYBE‘s performance director Son Sung Deuk sat down in a special video with the YouTube channel OK POP!! During the video, he chatted all about his career, working with some of the groups in HYBE, and shared insights on the idols.

In particular, he revealed what it was like when the company was starting to put together the idea for BTS. According to Son Sung Deuk, BigHit founder Bang Si Hyuk had high hopes for BTS and wanted the focus to be on performance.

He added that the idea for the group was hip-hop-based music and to fully get that feel, they thought it was essential to experience American culture.

It was when chairman Bang Si-hyuk considered highly of the importance of performance. Since there was a plan of making hip-hop base music for BTS, the United States comes to mind first in terms of hip-hop. So he said, it’d be really important to experience America’s hip-hop culture firsthand.

— Son Song Deuk

At the time, it didn’t seem feasible as the company wasn’t anywhere near as successful. Son Sung Deuk then revealed that Bang Si Hyuk gave him a budget and told him to take the trainee with the most potential, and it was none other than BTS’s future maknae Jungkook.

He really handed me the budget and requested me to take the most potential trainee with me to the United States. So I was thinking about who to take, then decided to pick Jungkook to go to the States.

— Son Song Deuk

Yet, although it seems obvious why Jungkook was picked, Son Song Deuk revealed that he was a completely different person. Yet, it was the experience that seemed to bring the future idol out of his shell.

We both went to dance studios together, wearing backpacks on our shoulders. We observed what Americans ate and what the atmosphere was like at the dance studios, etc. Jungkook was so shy back then before he made a debut.

— Son Song Deuk

Yet, the trip seemed to flick a switch in Jungkook as Son Song Deuk added that when he returned to Korea, “He had the eyes of a tiger.” 

For Son Song Deuk, something changed in Jungkook and he revealed just how much the trip seemingly impacted the young star.

He immediately started killing it, driving his talents to increase rapidly.

— Son Song Deuk

Jungkook’s potential went further than that. Son Song Deuk revealed that he had always had his eye on Jungkook and wanted to train Jungkook himself. Yet, Bang Si Hyuk thought that the best way for Jungkook to thrive was through natural methods.

I was planning to continue teaching Jungkook stuff, but Chairman Bang Si-hyuk disagreed with me and wanted Jong Kook to simply enjoy the ambiance.

— Son Song Deuk

After sharing that TXT‘s Yeonjun and Taehyun also went, Son Song Deuk revealed that it was all because of the change in Jungkook that HYBE trainees will normally go to America for training.

Because Jungkook set a successful example at the time, all trainees go to the States for training now.

— Son Song Deuk

As expected, Jungkook even had passion and talent back when he was a trainee. BigHit Entertainment took a risk with a young Jungkook, and it truly paid off, allowing him to grow as an artist and eventually debut as part of BTS.

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Source: OK POP!!!