Korean Netizens Blast HYBE For Latest Statement In Sexual Harassment Controversy

“Their f@ckery never ends…”

Korean netizens blasted HYBE for their most recent statement regarding inappropriate conduct by security at a recent &TEAM fan sign event.


On July 10, a HYBE representative made an additional statement to Sports Chosun about allegations that female security guards sexually harrassed fans at a recent &TEAM fan sign event. According to the representative, fans were not touched out of the blue, and the female security staff only touched the fans after saying, “I will touch you for a moment.”

A female security guard would say I will touch you for a moment and, with the back of her hand, would check for devices, and would instruct fans to take off the devices themselves. In no instance did they put their hands under fans’ clothes, nor did they lift articles of clothing themselves.

— HYBE representative

The representative then offered an apology for making fans feel uncomfortable.

We apologize for failing to manage the fan sign event properly and making fans feel uncomfortable.

— HYBE representative

Unfortunately for HYBE, fans were less than impressed by the apology. Many fans also criticized the label for seemingly trying to downplay the incident.

  • “Do they think that if they use the word ‘touch’ (in English), it would be less offensive? Either way, you touched fans. The fans that they didn’t think this would be an issue is foolish.”
  • “Oh, said like a true sex offender.”
  • “Whether you ‘checked’ or ‘touched’ fans, it’s illegal. Thanks for confessing your crimes in your excuse.”
  • “Does HYBE think by denying it would make this go away?”
  • “I hope the victims sue…”
  • “Can I touch HYBE artists after saying, ‘I will touch you?'”
  • “HYBE also turned a school-bullying victim into a bully and publicly attacked them. Their f@ckery never ends.”
  • “Okay, then let’s see if you keep that same energy when something similar happens to your artists.”
  • “You can’t even call a crime a crime.”
  • “Saying you are ‘checking’ after touching. WTF. You should get ‘checked’ also.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo