HYBE’s Upcoming Girl Group Drops Member

She was expected to debut with the label’s new girl group.

Youngseo, who was slated to debut with I’LL-IT has been dropped.

Youngseo | BELIFT LAB

On January 5, HYBE LABEL‘s BELIFT LAB revealed that Youngseo, who was expected to debut with the label’s upcoming group, I’LL-IT has exited the group and the label all together.

BELIFT LAB’s full statement is translated below.

Hello. This is BELIFT LAB.

We are announcing that I’LL-IT will be debuting as a five-member group.

After speaking with Youngseo about her future endeavors, we have agreed to cancel her contract. We ask that you do not speculate as the decision was mutual and respective of her wishes. We are sincerely supportive of Youngseo’s future.

I’LL-IT will debut as a five-member group. We will do our best to support them in their debut and their careers.

Thank you.


Stay tuned for updates.

Source: theqoo