[★BREAKING] Hyeran and Yoojin Leave Brave Girls

Brave Girls members Hyeran and Yoojin have officially left the group, in breaking news with confirmation from their label, Brave Entertainment.

Brave Entertainment (also known as Brave Sound) have been at the center of controversy in relation to their group, Brave Girls since August 2013. In a short, 5 sentence statement released by the company, they announced members Eunyoung, Seo-a and Yejin would be leaving the group.

Now, members Hyeran and Yoojin have left the group as well. Below is the official statement by Brave Entertainment after news of the members leaving was released to media:

Yoojin has been deciding whether or not remain a celebrity or pursue her studies again for a long time. She informed us of her desires to move overseas and we have decided to respect her wishes.

Hyeran’s health has rapidly deteriorated as of late and we have decided that it is no longer possible for her to stay active [as a member of Brave Girls]. After much discussion and thought, [Brave Entertainment] has decided to prioritize her health and to put her on an indefinite hiatus.

We would like everyone to support and love Hyeran and Yoojin in their future activities as they have done their best as members of Brave Girls.

Brave Girls will not be recruiting additional members and plan to promote as 5 with Minyoung, Eunji, Yoona, Yoojung and Hayoon with their new comeback planned during February ~ March. We will support them fully in their group and individual activities.”

— Brave Entertainment


Fans noticed a few months ago that there seemed to be issues with Brave Girls and had compiled evidence suggesting that Hyeran and Yoojin would be leaving the group. Koreaboo looked into this matter and contacted Brave Entertainment for a statement and confirmation on whether the two members were still in Brave Girls.

In November 2016, Koreaboo spoke to a high level executive at Brave Entertainment who denied that the girls would be leaving Brave Girls and that things were well. 

Timeline of events that predicted Hyeran and Yoojin leaving:

  • On November 22, Eunji said that Hyeran and Yoojin would not be attending an event in Cheolwon because they were sick and unable to perform. However, Hyeran and Yoojin both updated their Instagrams with pictures of them outside.


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    • During the Cheolwon performance, Brave Girls completely changed their greetings and their choreography to match 5 members.

    • Within the last 8 months, Brave Girls’ greeting has changed.
    • The group tag of “Brave Girls” have been deleted from Hyeran’s Twitter and Instagram. Photos related to the group have also been deleted.
    • In the most recent public video appearance by Brave Girls’, Hyeran and Yoojin are not present.

    • Brave Girls had a V Live broadcast on November 24 in which Hyeran and Yoojin were not present. However, the girls continued to update their Instagram accounts.

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    • On this same V Live broadcast, Yuna could be heard saying “Ah, this is Hayoon’s part,” [12:10] while they were showing off the ‘Deepened’ choreography. Hayoon has been taking over Yoojin’s parts in songs lately.