Hyeri Reveals The Love And Support From Boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol For Her Latest K-Drama “Moonshine”

Their relationship is as strong as ever!

In the crazy world of Korean entertainment, it seems like everything is going so fast, and the idols and actors involved don’t have a chance to live “normal” lives. In particular, many don’t have a dating life because of busy schedules and worrying about netizens’ opinions.

Yet, one couple who has always cemented themselves as breaking the mold with their beautiful relationship is Lee Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol.

Ryu Jun Yeon (left) and Hyeri (right)

The two had a fairytale romance, and the timeline of their relationship has definitely been admired by netizens. Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol first met while filming the classic K-Drama Reply 1988. Unsurprisingly, the couple quickly became an OTP (one true pairing) despite their characters not getting together in the end.

So, when Dispatch announced in 2017 that their chemistry on the show and adorable flirting wasn’t for the cameras and the duo were actually dating, it was a dream come true for fans.

Dipatch caught the two on a date in March 2017, at Seokchon Lake. | Dispatch

Fast forward nearly five years and although they’ve had their fair share of rumors about having rough patches, they seem as close as ever.

In particular, Hyeri is currently starring in the latest K-Drama Moonshine set in the Joseon period when alcohol gets prohibited. Hyeri plays a poor woman who brews and smuggles alcohol to make ends meet in the series. But her life turns upside down when a policeman discovers her business.

Hyeri in “Moonshine” | KBS

In a recent interview with SPOTV, Hyeri discussed her experiences while being in the series. Yet, she also spoke about her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. The reporter of the article explained Hyeri’s facial expressions when she spoke about her boyfriend.

She smiled shyly when asked about how Ryu Joon Yeon cheered her on and how they’re still dating well.

— SPOTV journalist

Despite being together for so long, it seems like the two are just as close as ever. In particular, she was worried that the part about Ryu Jun Yeol could be missed out in the interview, adding, “I‘m always worried about it. I wonder if the things we talked about for an hour may get overshadowed.

Yet, it seems as if the core message of their relationship couldn’t be hidden as Ryu Jun Yeol once again proved just how supportive he is of Hyeri and her job, alongside explaining how much he loved the show’s script.

(Ryu Jun Yeol) cheers me on so much, so I’m always grateful for him. He watched this past drama well too, so it gave me a lot of strength.

— Lee Hyeri

The actors on the set of “Reply 1988” | @tvn_drama/ Instagram

Although it is definitely cute AF, Moonshine isn’t the first time Ryu Jun Yeol has been praised for his supporting and caring attitude towards Hyeri.

In an interview during the release of My Roommate is Gumiho, SPOTV News asked about how he felt about Hyeri’s recent romantic comedy challenge, to which Hyeri had the cutest response.

He never skipped an episode and monitored every single one. I am forever grateful.

— Lee Hyeri

Hyeri in “My Roommate is Gumiho” | tvN

Once again, Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol prove that fairytale endings can happen. Even though their fates were destined to be together in Reply 1988, they found love in real life, and what more couldn’t netizens ask for?

You can read more about their relationship below.

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Source: SPOTV