Hyeri Sparks Controversy After Mentioning Sister’s Shopping Mall On Television, Agency Responds

“The comment was made for entertainment purposes…”

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri has recently sparked controversy after mentioning her sister’s online shopping mall on television.

On July 6th’s episode of DoReMi Market, Hyeri “advertised” her sister’s online shopping mall by holding up a card that revealed the name. The program staff had blurred out the last letter of the shopping mall’s name.


After the broadcast, her sister’s online shopping mall rose to the top of the real-time search rankings and Hyeri proceeded to take to Instagram to congratulate her sibling for it.

Translation: “Can’t believe it’s on real-time search ranking. Congratulations. My sister.”


Netizens and viewers subsequently criticized Hyeri for advertising her sister’s online mall on television and pointed out that it was inappropriate. They argued that using her popularity as a celebrity to advertise business was unfair for other businesses in the same industry. Others pointed the blame towards the program’s staff members rather than Hyeri for not properly editing the content before broadcasting.

Hyeri has since deleted the post on her social media and her agency, Creative Group ING, released an official apology.

This is Hyeri’s agency, Creative Group ING.
We apologize for Hyeri’s comment on DoReMi Market, which was aired on the 6th.
The comment was made for entertainment purposes of the broadcast and we did not realize that it could cause a controversy and uncomfortable feelings.
We have recognized this fact, are reflecting upon it and will act more carefully so that such events are not repeated in the future.
We apologize once again to those who felt uncomfortable even though it was not intended.

ㅡ Creative Group ING


Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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