Newly Single Idol Makes News After Being Hit On — Fans React

She is known to be one of the most beautiful idols.

Girl’s Day member Hyeri revealed that a man recently asked her for her number.

Hyeri | pinterest

Recently, the singer uploaded a video to her YouTube channel. In the video, Hyeri shows off items she purchased in Tokyo, Japan.

While showing an outer that she bought from Stussy, the idol revealed an episode with the store’s employee that made her heart flutter.

He (employee) said I was pretty and cute and that I was his type. In the end, he gave me a memo with his Instagram ID on it.

— Hyeri

Hyeri’s friend, who was filming the video, couldn’t help but chime in to say that the employee was a “Very lovely person” and revealed that an employee at another store asked Hyeri if she was an idol.

I asked them to guess what my job was, and they guessed an idol. It made me feel good when they asked if I was a member of aespa.

— Hyeri

Netizens reacted to the video, with many stating it was more than understandable that the employee fawned over the idol. Many fans revealed why Hyeri is so famous for being even more beautiful in person.

  • I can’t believe they couldn’t recognize Hyeri. I hate them.
  • Hyeri’s looks give off idol and actor vibes. These days, her visuals are at their peak.
  • Hyeri is an idol.
  • I saw Hyeri in person a long time ago, and I remember how small her face was and how pretty she was. Her visuals in person are crazy.
  • In-person, Hyeri’s visuals are the most beautiful out of all celebrities. You have to see her to believe me. She isn’t human.
  • Unnie, you look even more prettier in this video.

You can watch Hyeri’s full video in the link below!

Source: wikitree