Hyeri Turns Down Offer To Carry Madagascar Sign At 2018 Winter Olympics

Life imitates art.

A representative from South Korea’s embassy revealed that Girl’s Day Hyeri was offered to be the official picket girl for Madagascar at the opening ceremony.

“Hyeri has been chosen to be the picket girl for the Madagascar team in the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics.”

Although it might seem random to choose Hyeri, fans of “Reply 1988” will know exactly why she was a rational pick.

Hyeri’s character in “Reply 1988” was also chosen to be the picket girl for Madagascar in the 1988 Seoul Olympics so this fun fictional drama event was brought to real life.

Funnily enough, life imitated art not once but twice! Hyeri’s character was not able to be the picket girl in the drama and unfortunately, she won’t be able to fulfill it in real life either.

Hyeri’s agency, Dream T Entertainment released a statement that confirmed they received the offer but sadly won’t be able to go through with it.

“It is true that Hyeri received an offer to be the picket girl but she will not participate unfortunately due to her busy schedule during that time.”

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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