Hyeri reveals which Girl’s Day member is the strongest drinker

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri has revealed how well their group can handle their liquor.

Girl’s Day recently made their comeback after a year and 8 month-long hiatus with their newest album, Girl’s Day Everyday #5.

On March 27, Girl’s Day held their album release showcase and during their question and answer section, Hyeri was asked who was the best at drinking alcoholic drinks.

Hyeri revealed that Yura was the best drinker, while Minah was the weakest, and even told their fans exactly how many bottles of soju Yura could drink before getting drunk.

“If she drinks slowly, Yura can drink up to one and a half to two bottles of soju. She can also drink somaek (soju and beer mix). But if she drinks soju only, she gets less drunk.”

I can drink a little more than half a bottle of soju. I think I can drink up to one bottle but I don’t know how I’m going to end up.”

— Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Watch their full showcase here!