Hyeri Confesses This Part Of Her Face Make Kissing Super Hard

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri revealed how she honestly felt about her big nose when she films kiss scenes. Because her nose is huge, it often gets in the way.

On the most recent episode of tvN‘s Taxi, Girl’s Day appeared as guests. The hosts of the show asked the members how they felt about Hyeri’s acting. Sojin and Yura seemed to agree on the fact that Hyeri was an amazing actress.

The hosts then asked Yura what they felt Hyeri was lacking. At first, Yura told them that she lacked nothing. Shortly afterward, she garnered laughter as she claimed Hyeri’s nose was too big. She said that because Hyeri’s nose was so big, it seems uncomfortable for her when she films kiss scenes.

Hyeri told them that kiss scenes are okay, but when she has to peck the actor on the lips, it’s a bit uncomfortable. She goes on to mention that her nose is entirely made of fat as she moves it around with her finger.

Source: tvreport